Trustworthy Car Rental Services in Mandaue City

Nowadays, going around Cebu can be daunting because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. It is not advisable to commute, especially that the public transportation services are highly affected by the heavy traffic due to checkpoints. If you have no car, then you better hire a vehicle from a trusted company. 

In looking for car rental services in Mandaue City, the first thing that you need to check this time is their compliance to sanitary and hygiene rules. You need to rent a car that is regularly cleaned, disinfected, and maintained. 

Dragon Cove Pool Mandaue City Cebu – Image Courtesy: SteemKR

At RentMoCar, we value the safety of our passengers. That is why we truly observe proper cleanliness and sanitation. All our vans and cars for rent are guaranteed clean and COVID-19 free. We can also assure you that our drivers are healthy. They are commanded to follow health and sanitary protocols. 

North Drive Mall Mandaue City Cebu – Image Courtesy: Arvee’s Blog

Find out more about RentMoCar. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We have active customer service, which is fully committed to serving your needs. 

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